Sunday, 8 December 2013

Socialatte's Tictail shop

Hello! Long time no blog. I've missed blogging but it has somehow fallen off my radar and priorities list which isn't great. But hey, everyone has a dry spell.

What's inspired me to come back is my love of clothes and wanting to explore something that I have been trying to do successfully for a couple of months now: sell off some of my much loved clothes. One day I would love to have my own online and physical local shop selling secondhand and vintage pieces. But I am too risk averse for my own good and so wanted to try selling off some of my own stuff before I considered taking this dive.

Having sold a good amount of clothes at a reasonable price on eBay, the next step was to find a stand alone site. And so when Tictail came to my attention last week, a light bulb went off and I decided to test it out.

Setting up a shop on Tictail couldn't be more easy! It gives you all of the ingredients you need including themes, quick uploading capabilities w/ 6 images, and a T&C template. You can edit the code and make the design of your shop to match your blog or existing logo, but I kept it simple to start with and used one of their themes which are clean and minimalistic (just how I like it!). Once you've completed all of your prerequisite steps, you can set your shop live and promote it across your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can then manage your shop and find out how many people have visited within the last 7 days. You are also then given options to discount items as well as promote individual items through Facebook and Twitter. Also, not to mention the fact that it is completely free to set up shop today.

It's still early days, but I am excited to promote it and see whether there is any interest. Check out my little shop and let me know what you think:

I'd also love to hear from any fellow aspiring fashion sellers on their experiences starting out and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. Have you seen Mademoiselle Robot's lovely Tictail shop?

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