Friday, 22 March 2013

One jacket, four looks under £65 - H&M

{JacketOutfit 1: Tube top; Skirt; Shoes; Clutch. Outfit 2: Dress; Bag; Ballet pumps

Following on from my previous post, it can be concluded that I am obviously obsessed with these jackets. I came across this beaut on the H&M site and decided to see how many different ways I can style it. The answer is infinite. So I decided to focus on focusing on using some of my favourite things: the colour yellow, black & white stripes, and as I have now discovered, plimsoles. The best part is that each outfit comes at under £65.

Also I just have to ask: how awesome is this tool?? You can choose the model, your background, and have the whole shop full of clothes to play with. I wish more brands gave you this option.

What's your current trend obsession and how many ways can you style it?

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