Sunday, 3 February 2013

Holiday dreaming

January had come and gone and I have to say, "good riddance!" I never particularly liked January. It's cold, it's dark when you wake up and when you're coming home, work seems more challenging than before, and not to mention the weight you are trying to lose after the holiday consumption extravaganza.

I'm happy to say that as expected February has brought with it, a much needed boost, sunshine,  and a slightly smaller waistline. It has also made me really think about planning my holidays for this year.

Last year, the 6 of us rented a villa in Fethiye, Turkey for a week. 30 degree Celsius weather in October, our own pool, fresh food from the market, beautiful beaches, and a nightly BBQ all while surrounded by some of your closest friends - need I say more? Here are some of the best bits of our holiday.

Buffet breakfast of eggs, cheeses, flatbread, spreads, veggies, and strawberry juice. A blur of deliciousness that made my tummy very happy! The service was great. We were seated and served within minutes. You could order more of whatever you liked. Most of the plates were empty by the time I got my camera out. Sometimes an empty plate says a lot more than an untouched one.

Donkey watching post breakfast. These guys attracted a lot of attention from the restaurant patrons. They loved the camera too!

A stroll down Calis Beach under a clear blue sky.

Pomegranate picking. Munch. Munch....

The beaches are made of these rocks.

Some melons at the market...

Ok this was an amazing experience! By the water, there are little fishing boats that double as small restaurants with a few tables set up inside and outside. The best thing on the menu is 'Fish in bread' which is exactly what it is. It's a breaded fried fish fillet with greens in a bagette and it is DELICIOUS. Oh and have I forgotten to mention the view that you have while you eat?

The boys doing their best Saturday Night Fever stride (without knowing it) while the girls strolled and had a nice chat.

I wouldn't mind the morning commute if it was like this.

Chilling out on Surf Beach. They filmed a bit of the latest James Bond here (not while we were there unfortunately).

Looking down on Oludeniz Beach. Check out those para-gliders!

Cauliflower friend at the supermarket.

Discovering Saklikent and making our way up the gorge to the waterfall. This is something that needs to be experienced!

Relaxing in the villa with my Kobo.

We've decided to go back again this year. There is still so much to see and rays to catch. One of the things we are most looking forward to is Pamukkale, the 'cotton castle' where you can bathe in hot springs. I can't wait!

What holidays are you planning this year? Are there any destinations that you can't wait to return to?

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