Tuesday, 29 January 2013

TK Maxxing out the new pad

We moved into a new flat at the end of last year. It's a bit bigger, definitely more modern, and has a balcony. Yeah it does!

It was unfurnished so we took the opportunity to furnish the baby just the way we wanted. This was quite a gratifying yet terrifying endeavour. I think it was the thought that we would need to pick stuff that we would not get sick of for many many years in quite a short period of time. I'm happy to confirm that in my mind, we picked very well. Comfy yet modern, which were exactly the look and feel we were after. Obviously men are less preoccupied with such things. As long as there is a place for Matt's desk and PC, he is a happy bunny.

As we have a bit more room now, my first thoughts are of course about how to add more accents that give the place personality. My favourite place for home accessories has to be TK Maxx. The are so many treasures to be found and at such a great price. Check out these finds.

I originally bought a pair of these gold painted frames with a couple of other pictures in mind, but their dimensions were so that they didn't fit and I couldn't bear to fold them. Then I was flipping though an old issue of Oh Comely magazine and came across this set of 'life advice' posters. I thought this one looked like me and as we all need to be reminded of these things once in a while, I framed it and it now sits on my dresser. Each frame was £9.99 and I believe fits an A4 sized picture.

One of the things I really want in my life is plants. I bought this plant pot without really knowing what I was going to put in there. At £1.99 who really cares?? Isn't she a beaut? Then this weekend I bought this batch of hyathins, which I call The Three Ladies. As the pot has three matryoshka dolls (one is hiding) on it, it's quite a perfect fitting don't you think?

Cozying up on the sofa is my thing. Give me a sofa, a blacket, and some chocolate any day. I will choose it over standing in a queue to a night club 90% of the time....  I knew we were getting a dark sofa (I am a messy person!)  This throw caught my eye because of its bright blues and greens and compliments the sofa perfectly. There I am mid-blogsperation keeping warm. At only £16.99 it's surely a steal.

Nap time!

Where do you buy the goodies for your home?

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