Friday, 21 September 2012

And so we went to London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has come to a close and this makes me sad! I have spent the week being overwhelmed looking at beautiful clothes I cannot afford. I have been inspired and awed by what's to come in SS2013 while I tried to sneak in some live streaming time at my desk at work.

Last weekend Ruby and I got sufficiently caffeinated and attended the London Fashion Week Exhibition at Somerset House. This was my first time at the fashion event of the year and I was not disappointed! Beautiful  people, beautiful venue, and most importantly, beautiful clothes. I walked away inspired x100.

{What I wore: Dress: vintage from TRAID; Blazer: vintage DAKS from Freshthreads; 
Clutch: Anthropologie; Boots: Timberland; Bracelets: mom's and NW3}

There are four exhibits that I walked away from wanting all of the pieces and knowing I have become a major fan of. These are Vilshenko, Husam El Odeh, J Smith Esquire, and Tatty Devine.

The room housing the Vilshenko collection was one of the first that we saw that day and I was instantly smitten. The mix of both cool and warm tones, whimsical patterns, and flowy fabrics drew me into daydreams about childhood and sunshine. I also really felt the Eastern influence in her collection, which is why it reminds me of my childhood. I cannot wait to visit her Notting Hill store to try on these beautiful clothes!

 {Beautiful model at the door}

 {The beautiful embroidery on the blue and red dress, as well as the blouse have an Eastern feeling for me}

{Those who know me, know how much I love blazers! This perforated leather beauty is right up my street} 

Husam El Odeh really impressed me with his beautiful jewellery and  illustrations.  Inspired by a fairy tale called The Princess with the Donkey ears which he personally wrote and illustrated,  I found his collection the stand out exhibit in the Rock Vault.

{The gorgeous collection set against a Luxenbourg skyline}

{El Odeh's Palladium ring next to 'The Pincess with the Donkey ears'}

 {The beautiful illustrations we couldn't take our eyes off}

J Smith Esquire's Elemental collection is so cool! It just is! It had me at cat ears. I am not much of a hat wearer. I believe it is because hats never fit me properly, but I would throw away my reservations and wear every piece in this collection. To me, it's edgy but ultra cute and pure genius. I am only sorry I didn't try on my favourite hat: the cap with the cat ears.

 {I want every single one of these beauties}

{My favourite piece. It's all about the cat ears!}

Tatty Devine has been on my radar ever since I started my love affair with blogging. Their jewellery is so colourful and full of life, any girl that wears it is definitely the life of the party. My favourite pieces were Radiant Goddess and Hot House. Ruby and I were also super psyched that hear that Tatty Devine are considering a full eyewear collection based on the success of their feature in the Framed! Contemporary Eyewear in Fashion exhibition. We can't wait!

 {I caught Ruby in the mirror looking at the many pictures she's already taken that day}

{"Aren't these glorious darling?"}

For more information on these brilliant designers, visit their sites here:

Bring on Autumn/Winter 13/14!

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