Saturday, 25 August 2012

When I grow up I want to take better photographs

Today was one of the rainiest days I have seen in London yet. I really felt like we would need a boat to row back to the tube in. It didn't start that way though. It was nice and sunny when I arrived at Borough Market. I have been wanting to better my photo taking and editing techniques and what better place could there be than one where you are surrounded by beautiful fresh and cooked produce, bread, cheese, and sweets?

The rain started showing itself just as we took a break to have lunch. Luckily the rather long line to the veggie burgers was under a shelter. I also picked up some juicy nectarines, mangos and something I have never tried before: chocolate cherry tomatoes. The name is a little deceiving as they do not take of chocolate, but I was not fooled. I wanted my salad lunches to be a bit more special than expected and how cool is it to tell people that you have chocolate tomatoes in your salad?!

So without further ado, I bring you bits of Borough Market from behind my lens. Do let me know what you think. I used my Canon G10 and Picasa 3. I am a total beginner and one day hope to get an SLR and become and expert in Photoshop. I would love to hear what kind of cameras and photo editing software  you use.

Ruby took a cheeky picture of me when I wasn't looking :)

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