Sunday, 10 June 2012

Do you double denim?

Yesterday was a double denim kind of a day. I dug out one of my little treasures (this waist bag) that I bought in Urban Outfitters many years ago. Since there was no sign of rain for the rest of the day, I just had to wear my blue suede brogues. This was the perfect outfit to spend my Saturday chilling out, eating gelato, and taking a walk around Battersea Park.

T-shirt: Warehouse; Shirt: GAP; Jeans and sunglasses: Bench; Shoes: Roman Rocks; Bag: Urban Outfitters 

How do you wear double denim?


  1. Double denim looks great :>

  2. I wear double denim the same way as you, but I always make sure that the tone of denim are different on the top and on the bottom. x

  3. Oh I am on the hunt for a denim shirt, not sure if I can pull off double denim but you definitely can!

  4. OH. MY. GOD. This outfit is AMAZINGLY COOL !! Love the mixture of denims and the shoes.. Not forgetting the bag !! This has got to be one of my favourite outfits of yours!



  5. What a cute outfit!!! I love it ;)

  6. Love the outfit and I think I have the same jeans as you! Or very similar anyway so I might try and wear them double denim style! :)

    Lana, xo