Monday, 16 April 2012

Forgotten gems: The Scarf

It's that dangerous and sad time of the month... I'm talking about Not Quite Payday. You know what I mean. That last week to week and a half when you suddenly get very creative with what's in your kitchen cupboard and become a social hibernator. 

It's not that I am not good at managing my money, but I can admit that when payday comes around I might get a bit too excited especially after spending the Not Quite Payday period reading blogs and salivating. I'm also trying to be good and not spend all of the money put aside to go back home to NY for a much needed visit.

One of the reasons that I started this blog was that I wanted to rekindle my relationship with my wardrobe. I love buying new stuff, but I also wanted to love the stuff that had been hanging out lonely in my closet for a while now: all of the great pieces that I just got too lazy to wear. I wanted to take the old and the new and make it into something that would feel like I just went on a shopping spree just by rediscovering something that's been forgotten. These are my forgotten gems.

I found this scarf that I bought a year or two ago in Accessorize and realised how "right now" it actually is. The neon pink and yellow mixed in with a bit of a tribal feel are very hot right now and helped me add a splash of colour to my gray jacket and the gray day. 

Scarf: Accessorize; Jacket: All Saints; Tunic: GAP

Have any of you found some forgotten gems in your wardrobe lately?

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